The banter of the episode involves Holly and Esther talking about their much anticipated D&D game and teases for a possible future game for Patrons. 

Our first question of the episode asks about their career as the breadwinner of their home and how they can find a career that meets their needs both emotionally and monitarily. Our second question asks about using oracle decks in readings and we go on a ~slight rant about how Oracle decks are treated in the tarot community and about how we incorporate oracle decks into our readings! 

The decks we talk about in this episode come from the second half of the contemporary section of our book: Golden Girls Tarot , Le Beau Monde Tarot , Kaleidadope Tarot, TV Series Tarot, Antique Anatomy Tarot, Our Tarot, 5 Cent Tarot, Next World Tarot, Black Power Tarot, Fifth Spirit Tarot, and The Numinous Tarot

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