Holly and Esther were so excited to see each other and shoot the shit that we had a lenghty banter about reading and finding our groove again! Our listener questions for this episode don't require pulling cards but are tarot related answering a  "Desert Island Decks" styled question and how we created our podcast intro!

Holly's Decks:
Compendium of Constellations
Ethereal Visions
1988 Cosmic Tarot
The Vindur Deck
Hilda Tarot

Esther's Decks:
Memento Mori
Spirit Keeper's Tarot, Vitruvian edition
Mesquite Tarot
Morning Calm Oracle
Our Tarot

Then we hardcore fangirl over Exquisite Familiars Oracle from the brilliant mind of Richard Howdy aka OddMixMarket. Guidebook was written in collaboration with Judy Black and our very own Holly!!! 

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