June 24, 2021

Intro to Tarot

Welcome to Wildly Tarot Summer Camp!!

In our first episode of the season we go over the basics of Tarot! Expanding on our original introduction to tarot episode we recorded almost 2 years ago, this is perfect episode to listen to first as an introduction to everything tarot! 

To further your learning you can listen to our Major Arcana mini-episodes for short explanations of what the cards mean to us in positive and negative ways and how they’ve shown up in our lives. You can Listen to all of them for free on our Patreon! If you are a supporter on Patreon, you can access our Tarot Meanings Cheat sheet here!


Tarot: No Questions Asked by Theresa Reed
Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snow
The History of Tarot Art by Holly Adams Easley and Esther Joy Archer


Wildly Tarot Deck - We may be biased but we think our deck is great for beginners because we built it with beginners in mind! You can use it as flash cards, companion to your readings, or on their own.

Kaleidadope Tarot - A beginner friendly, fun and modern deck by Krystal Banner!

Radiant Rider-Waite Smith - If you’re wanting to learn with the classic, this is our favorite version!

Our book, The History of Tarot Art: Demystifying the Art and Arcana, Deck by Deck, is available for pre-order! If you pre-ordered our book you can get our History of Tarot Art spreads zine that we created by filling out this form!

Do you love Holly and Esther? Then you'll love our face on everything! We got mugs, totes, phone cases, and even a tarot certification! You can find our merch here! Interact with us between episodes and join our Wildy Tarot Patreon , Facebook Group and Discord Server! You can follow us on Instagram, and while you're there you can also follow Holly and Esther. Browse and purchase decks and books we have previously reviewed in our Bookshop.org store! 


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