Thoth Tarot

Welcome to Wildly Tarot Summer Camp!!

Well it's finally here, the much anticipated episode where we review Thoth tarot. However, we start this episode like every other summer camp episode by doing a longer reading. As a surprise to probably no one we decided to forego the Celtic Cross spread for the week and use the Spread Machines Oracle deck by Fablesden which ended up being the best idea ever!! 

Then we dive into Thoth Tarot by Lady Freida Harris and Aleister Crowley! It's been a deck we've avoided reviewing because of the legacy of Crowley being a garbage person, (We mentioned Last Podcast on the Left's episodes about Crowely and you can find them here: Episode 1 Episode 2 ) but as we wrote the chapter for our book, "The History of Tarot Art" we discovered the story of the artist, Lady Freida, and fell in love with Thoth. So join us for some Crowley ranting and fangirling over Lady Freida. 

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