Yuletide Tales Lenormand

When at first you can't think of banter, just start talking until something comes to mind...and then continue talking about it for like 20 minutes! We get real passionate about the AITA for giving my coworker a fantasy novel for Secret Santa to try to broaden her horizons? post. 

The first question of the episode comes with a content warning about death and the use of an illegal substance but it is a perfect question for our unintentional Yule/Christmas themed episode. Our second question involves our querent asking about their life transition and when they should start putting themselves "out there" again. 

Our deck of the episode is Yuletide Tales Lenormand which we have literally been waiting to review for an entire year! While it is a deck we have used throughout the entire year, it is the perfect addition to your collection if you're wanting to add some Christmas Spice to your deck life. 

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